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Above Ground Pool FAQ

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  • Costs considerably less
  • Faster and easier to install
  • Require less yard space
  • Can be moved to another property, or within the existing property in the future
  • Easy to maintain, easy to service! Every piece of plumbing / mechanical is accessible!
  • Long lasting! 60 year warranty on Discovery, 40 year on Zenith

When purchasing an above ground pool, there are 3 main cost areas:

  • The price of the kit itself
  • The price of the installation
  • The price of the pool surround/decking
  • Complete pool and startup kit including ground preparation (pool pad / concrete ring with sand fill) and install: $7,000 – $16,000


Factors that will affect the cost:

  • The size, options, and type of pool
  • Electrical Hookup
  • Grading/Landscaping/etc.
  • Accessories (Like salt chlorine generators, heaters, covers, slide, etc.)

Heating is worth it! Unheated pools get most of their use in July and August, where Heated pools get used May – September (inclusive)

Discovery: resin structure and top rails with steel wall and vinyl liner. Felt liner guard is placed under the liner over the soft sand fill.


Zenith: Steel structure with resin top rail, steel wall and vinyl liner. Felt liner guard is placed under the liner over the soft sand fill.

How much yard space do you want to dedicate to the pool? In most cases it’s ideal to leave a 3’ walkway around the pool.


We are always happy to visit your property to lay out different sizes of pool so you can see exactly how they will fit in your yard!

Building / electrical / gas permits may be required depending on area

6’ non-climbable, and lockable fence for safety

Ground prep (which may involve minor excavation): 1-2 Days

  • After excavating a thin layer of soil gravel is laid and packed
  • Concrete / Pool Pad ring is formed
  • After a short cure time the interior of the ring is filled with soft sand


Pool Install: 1-2 days

  • Structural supports are erected on ring, steel wall is installed in place and resin top cap is installed.
  • Plumbing / mechanical sections are installed. At this time electricians can complete their work (if they were required) and gasfitters can connect gas to the pool heater (if heater is purchased)
  • Pool is filled. After filling components are tested, water is treated, and we provide an instructional session on how to operate / treat your pool!

With no interruptions or weather delays: 3-4 days depending on the size of project. Includes ground preparation

Yes! Heating will extend your swim season 2.5x longer!!!

Just like with a hot tub this depends on how much use the pool is getting. In most cases you will have a weekly water treatment regime.

If you install one of our pools today, and have your first child tomorrow, that child will be grown and out of the house, will have their own children that will grow up and move out of the house and the pool will still be standing! At this point you would have replaced a couple of liners and covers, but our above ground pools are rated for 40 or 60 years depending on the model you choose!

Winterizing an above ground pool is easy, and involves draining the water level down 12”-18” below the return jets, draining the plumbing and equipment and leaving a little antifreeze in the equipment to keep it protected. Alternatively disconnect the mechanical equipment, drain and leave in a heated garage!