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Hot Tub Service Packages

General Tub Service & Repair

Request one of our fully trained spa technicians assistance with the following issues:

  • error code diagnostics
  • pump repair or rebuild
  • heating element replacement
  • motherboard or topside control replacements
  • installation of hot tub covers and cover lifters

Hot Tub Relocation

Our delivery crew can help move a tub for whatever the reason. Contact us and request:

  • site inspection prior to move
  • pick up hot tub and deliver to new location
  • hot tub testing if required

Hot Tub Drain & Fill or Startup

Let us help you get your tub up and running so you can get back to relaxing in a clean tub! Service includes:

  • chemical purge of lines to treat bio-film and mineral deposits
  • drain hot tub
  • clean interior surface of spa
  • clean spa cover
  • FREE filter for Beachcomber tubs

Internal Hot Tub Leak Repair

Our senior technicians will come troubleshoot, diagnose and repair on site if possible. If the scope of the repair becomes bigger than first diagnosed, the tub can be brought back to our service shop for further diagnosis and repair.


Proper closing and winterization is a very important step to ensure your tub is protected from cold temperatures and other issues that result from stagnant water in the lines. Service includes:

  • evaluation of water care and draining of spa water
  • blow out lines and vacuum out residual water
  • antifreeze fill

Hot Tub Talks (Hot Tub Intro or Refresher)

Are you new to hot tubbing or would you like a refresher course? Book a visit with one of our senior technicians. Service includes instruction in these areas:

  • review of basic hot tub operation
  • hands-on teaching about basic spa maintenance
  • proper programming of your spa control system
  • water care treatment including balancing and other treatments necessary for optimum water quality and clarity

16 Point Hot Tub Inspection

Thorough evaluation and inspection of hot tub operation and condition including:

  • cost is $79.99
  • circulating and jet pumps including mechanical seals
  • pump amp draw
  • control panels
  • connections
  • valves
  • jets
  • steps
  • and more