Backyard Leisure

Spa Chemicals & Water Care

At Backyard Leisure, we pride ourselves in assisting you in achieving beautiful, sparkling water that will bring joy, therapy, romance and relaxation to your hot tub.  Our hot tub chemicals and water care products are uniquely designed to be simple and easy to use that will help you achieve great water chemistry.


Water Testing

To help you on the path to achieve crystal clear water and luxurious soaking, we encourage you to bring in a sample of your water on a monthly basis or even more often if you wish. Our Water Care Specialists will provide you with a FREE custom computer analysis and treatment recommendations. We also stock a variety of test kits to help you with daily testing at home.

Water Care Systems

There are a number of options to suit each individual and their specific needs.

Dazzle’s hot tub water care product line-up is ready to offer you every solution you need in order to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. We offer products in a host of forms and sizes, from tablets to pouches and more. Exactly what you need to prepare and maintain your hot tub for great gatherings ahead.

Mineraluxe is an advanced pool, hot tub and swim spa water care system that we swear by. The system takes minutes per week and delivers the highest quality, superior performance you want in your maintenance systems. We don’t offer our clients anything less than the best with Mineraluxe.

Spend more time relaxing with peace of mind knowing that your spa water is clean, fresh and ready for you to enjoy. Hot Spring offers three easy-to-use water care systems to choose from, and a complete line of customized water care products to meet all your ownership needs.