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Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

Our service department is continually refurbishing previously owned hot tubs….and they go fast!!

If you would like to be added to a list of those interested in purchasing a pre-owned tub, complete the form below.

Fill out this form to express your interest in purchasing a pre-owned tub.

Please contact us and ask us about our current inventory:
Call Tyrell @ 403-327-7665 or email [email protected]

If we’re all out of used hot tubs and you’d like to see what we have for new tubs, check out our affordable new hot tubs.

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Have a used tub to sell or trade in?

Would you like to slide into a new, luxurious Hot Tub this year? We would be willing to consider your current tub as a trade-in on a new one.

Not sure what it might be worth?

Complete the Trade-In Form as best you can and we’ll get back to you regarding the current trade-in value of your old hot tub.

Hot Tub Trade-Ins