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Backyard Leisure Luxury Patio Furniture: 8 Reasons Why It’s Worth Every Penny

Beachcomber Patio
Our wicker patio furniture uses only the highest quality resin

Our manufactures use only the best resin material on all the hand woven wicker pieces. The wicker won’t discolor, fade or chalk.

The wicker goes through the highest UV testing

This means that it’s tested for the harshest weather conditions. Patio furniture sold at box stores are UV tested for 500 hours…our furniture is tested for 5000 hours. That’s a difference of 4,500 hours!

The aluminum frames are made to last

There is a 15 year warranty on the structure of the frames and 5 years on the finish. Our furniture has no weight restrictions thanks to the extremely thick gauge of metal used on all frames.

Outdoor furniture that does not rust!

Go ahead and leave your aluminum frames out all year round! The frames are made with full circle welding on all the joints. That means there is no way for water or precipitation to make its way into the frames. No holes mean no rust.

Our outdoor furniture is extremely comfortable

The cushions are made with 5 inches of solid foam. The foam core is wrapped in Dacron and a waterproof lining. The cushions are meant to be used and enjoyed, so if you are at work when a rainstorm hits, don’t worry. Tip your cushion on their side and they’ll be ready to use in a few hours. No mildew, no mold, no problem.

The cushions are beautifully encased in Sunbrella material

Did you know there is a difference between the Sunbrella material we use on our cushions and the cushions they sell at box stores? Our material is carefully solution dyed, not topically dyed so there is no fading in the hot summer sun.

Our patio furniture is virtually maintenance free

Bird pooped on your furniture? Spilled red wine? Sticky fingers or spilled mustard or ketchup? Don’t panic, just use warm soapy water with a non abrasive brush and scrub away.  If that doesn’t work, Sunbrella has an amazing stain chart to help you get your cushions looking brand new again.

A mix of comfort and style

Design teams are always busy coming up with pieces that are stylish and unique but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice comfort. Get the best of both worlds as you put your feet up and melt in to your new patio furniture this summer!