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Been Thinking About Summer & Swimming?

It is that time of year again where you are starting to think about jumping into your pool and enjoying your great backyard oasis! We are currently booking customers for their Spring Pool Openings!

As you’re deciding when to open your pool consider a few things:

  1. Seasonal Holidays
  2. Weather
  3. Birthday, Year-End or other Parties you might be planning

Pools should be opened at least a week prior to any big plans to ensure everything is running smoothly! For easier opening it is ideal to open before the weather warms up too much. The warmer the weather gets the higher your chances of having algae growth in the pool which of course complicates the opening.

Let our experienced technicians service your pool so you can enjoy more of your leisure time.

Swimming pool services include:

  • pool opening
  • pool closing
  • pool renovations
  • equipment repair
  • pool liner replacement
  • diagnose and repair leaks
  • sand change (sand filters)

If you have any questions about when it would be best or how to go about getting your pool up and running for the summer don’t hesitate to call your Pool Experts at Backyard Leisure.

Call Richard – Parts & Service Manager at 403-327-7665 or complete and submit the Service Request Form

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