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Cleanse the lines . . .

Whether we want to admit it or not, colder weather is coming. So, before the snow starts blowing now would be a great time to drain and refill your hot tub. That way you can enjoy clean, sparkling water all winter long.

Before you drain your tub and refill with fresh water we recommend a deep cleaning of all the lines with Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain or Ahh-some. Both products work equally well and are available in the store. Just a heads up though – Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain requires a 24 hour period to do its job while the Ahh-some will do its job in about 20 minutes. Taking the time to do a deep clean will cut down on your cost of sanitizers and ensure you get the most sparkle and the least hassle out of your hot tub.

Come in and see your water care experts at Backyard Leisure for more information!

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