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What To Do About Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Achieving clean, clear water is something we all dream about but admittedly it can be a challenge. It’s an issue we hear about frequently in our Water Care Department. Enjoying clear water can be a reality! Three keys to water clarity are:

  1. Filtration
  2. Circulation
  3. Sanitization

If even one of these is out it can wreak havoc on your hot tub.

1. Hot Tub Water Filtration

When you own a hot tub, pool or swim spa, proper filtration is a key factor in achieving sparkling, clear water. Most hot tubs and swim spas have cartridge filters. It is important to know what your filter manufacturer recommends for regular cleaning. We recommend rinsing hot tub filters once a week and soaking them in a filter cleaner once a month. We carry a couple of different filter cleaners such as Pleatco Spa Filter Wash or Filter Revive. Without proper filtration you can end up with a cloudy and dirty tub in no time. But, with the right maintenance you will not have to worry about bad filtration being the cause of your cloudy water.

2. Hot Tub Water Circulation

It also plays a major role in achieving clean water. Proper circulation allows the water to move freely through the filter in order to be cleaned. Circulation also helps to distribute chemicals added to the water. Water circulation in hot tubs is performed as the pump draws water through the skimmer and into the filter before it is returned through the jets. Water that is constantly being circulated is the best method of circulation for your hot tub. This is true in a hot tub installed with a circulation pump that runs 24/7. If your tub doesn’t have one of these, then it’s recommended that you circulate the water for eight hours a day in order to enjoy nice, clear water.

3. Hot Tub Water Sanitization

Sanitization is one of the most important parts of water chemistry for hot tubs, pools or swim spas. Bromine and Chlorine are the two types of sanitizer used. Typically pools use chlorine as a sanitizer whereas hot tubs often have bromine as a sanitizer. Did you know that in just fifteen minutes of swimming in a pool or hanging out in a hot tub, you use up 1ppm of bromine or chlorine per person? For example, if you and three other friends are in the hot tub for thirty minutes, you will use up 6ppm of sanitizer. Now, if you are keeping your tub at ideal levels of 3-5ppm, then you can see how the demand is higher than the supply. To prevent the tub or pool from going cloudy, treat it with a quick treatment of granular sanitizer to ensure the level rises back to the safe range. It is very common for a hot tub to go cloudy if left without sanitizer even if only for a few hours. When you use the Mineraluxe or Dazzle systems it is recommended that you use a floater which constantly dissolves a small amount of sanitizer into the tub. Therefore, it’s important that the floater is never out of discs.

An important factor in sanitization is the pH level. The ideal range for pH is 7.2-7.8 for hot tubs. This range is not only most comfortable on the skin, but is also the range in which your bromine and chlorine are most effective. If the pH is out of range then your tub or pool may go cloudy due to the sanitizer not being able to do its job. An easy way to prevent this issue is to test the water regularly and adjust it right away.

So, if your hot tub has gone cloudy, check the filtration, circulation and sanitization. If that does not appear to be the issue, then visit our Water Care Specialist and bring in a water sample for a free computerized analysis. We may suggest a clarifier like Nature Sheen or another treatment method designed to help return your water back to the sparkling clean water that you enjoy so much.

If you have any questions feel free to call or text us at 403-327-7665, or email us at [email protected]