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Don’t Stress Daylight Savings!

The thought of “springing” your clocks ahead this weekend can at times cause stress and frustration. We finally got to the point where it’s light outside when we go to work. Now it’s all going to change again!

Don’t let it get to you this year! Instead, change all your clocks and then go out for a soak in your hot tub!

Studies indicate that soaking in a hot tub can relieve stress, as well as ease muscle aches and minor body pains, improve heart function, help with lower back pain, and revitalize your skin.

Discover additional benefits of hydrotherapy in this helpful infographic.

 If treating your hot tub has become a source of stress or frustration we encourage you to come in and talk to our water care experts about some simple and stress free options. One of our most popular and stress free water care programs is Mineraluxe. Learn more about Mineraluxe here.

For answers to your Hot Tub water care questions, check out our Water Care FAQ page here.