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Hot Tub Bubbles Are Out of Control!


A common question we often get is about bubbles or foam in the hot tub.

Foam can be caused by a number of water balance issues but it can also be caused by detergents, cosmetics and lotions.  Encourage everyone in your family to pick a swim suit for the hot tub that does not go through the laundry because no matter how good a job our clothes washers do, there’s always a little residual soap left in our clothes. When you get out of the hot tub, rinse your swim suit with clean running water in the sink, shower or tub and hang it to dry. This will not only prevent foaming but also prolong the life of your suit.

If a family member typically wears a lot of cosmetics and/or lotions, encourage them to shower before entering the hot tub. You can also try floating a Hydro Mop. These sponges are effective for up to 3 months, by absorbing oils, organics and odor at the surface of the water. The Hydro Mop eliminates scum line and improves water clarity. They are available at Backyard Leisure, your premier hot tub store in Lethbridge.

As mentioned above, the foaming issues you are experiencing could be also be due to improper water balance such as low calcium hardness. The best recommendation in this case would be to bring in a sample of your water and let our Water Care Technicians at Backyard Leisure provide a FREE computer analysis and recommendations for treatment.

For answers to other commonly asked questions regarding hot tub water care, check out this great  Water Care FAQ page.