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How Do I Extend the Life of My Hot Tub?

Your hot tub is a retreat where you can relax, unwind and connect with family and friends. It’s an experience you want to continue to enjoy for years to come. For that to happen you’re going to need to care for it in the right way.

How do you care for your hot tub so that it will last? The answers to the following questions will save you money in major repairs and ensure that you’re able to enjoy your hot tub for a long, long time.

How long will my hot tub last?

  • The lifespan of a hot tub varies dependent in part on the quality of the tub. The lifespan could be anywhere from 5 – 20+ years. You don’t have much control over that other than to make the most informed choice you can with regards to the quality of the manufacturing.

How will water chemistry affect the life of my hot tub?

  • Test your water regularly and keep it properly balanced – if not balanced, it could corrode the equipment, scale your pipes, damage the seals, jets, etc. Remember, we provide FREE water testing at Backyard Leisure. Bring in a water sample any time for a computerized analysis. You can also access answers to a lot of frequently asked questions on our Water Care FAQ page.
  • Clear water is usually a good thing, but it could also be a sign that your water has too much chlorine/bromine and is acidic (low pH). This condition can cause a lot of wear and tear on the equipment.
  • Cloudy water is never a good thing. Cloudy water is usually an indication of low chlorine/bromine or high pH and alkalinity. This condition can cause minerals to fall out of suspension and cause scale to form and build up in the plumbing, on heater coils, jets, etc.
  • Make sure the lid is left open for at least 20 minutes after boosting the chlorine/bromine levels or when shocking (adding an oxidizer) to the water – otherwise gases will cause the underside of the cover to peel or go brittle

How do I keep my hot tub water clean?

  • Body oils, lotions, cosmetics, perspiration are all introduced into the water each time you enter – you can keep those at a minimum by showering before entering and by floating a special spa sponge like a Hydro Mop which soaks up these contaminants.
  • Proper filtration is another key to keeping your water clean – ensure you are rinsing your filter once a week and cleaning it once every 6 weeks or so with a filter cleaning solution such as Mineraluxe Filter Revive or by replacing it with a new one – a clean filter will ensure clearer water and will cause less stress on the pumps.

How do I take care of my hot tub cover?

  • Don’t allow anyone to sit on the cover as it will cause the foam inserts to sag or break and lose its insulating efficiency. Don’t allow snow to build up on the cover for the same reason.
  • Treat the top of your cover with a hot tub lid protector like Mineraluxe Cover Cleanse & Protect to protect it from the sun’s UV rays in summer and in winter.

How do I clean my hot tub pipes?

  • There’s a certain amount of gunk that builds up in the pipes over time – to clean the lines, it’s recommended that you run a good pipe cleaner through the tub at least once a year. Products like Ahh…some or Mineraluxe Cleanse and Drain are very effective in cleaning the lines.

How do I know when to replace my hot tub pumps?

  • Over time pumps will begin to get louder. The rubber seal that separates the
    “wet end” from the motor degrades, water enters the motor and begins to rust the shaft of the pump. When you notice a pump getting louder, service it as soon as possible in order to minimize additional issues and costs.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Contact us for a hot tub checkup in order to ensure that your tub is operating the way it should. A qualified service technician will give your tub thorough 16 point inspection and will identify any areas that need attention. To schedule an inspection, call/text 403-327-7665 or complete the online Service Request Form.

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When a hot tub is properly cared for and maintained, it should last for at least 20 years. Proper water care and regular mechanical maintenance will save major repair costs and ensure many, many years of enjoyment.

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