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How important is pH in your hot tub?  

The pH level in your hot tub is actually quite important. Even though your water may look clean and clear, it is not necessarily an indication that all is well with your water balance. You need to be checking your levels regularly, especially your pH, in order to ensure bather comfort and the integrity of your hot tub equipment.

pH measures the level of acidity or basicity of your water. pH is measured in a range of 0 – 14. 0 is the low end of the scale obviously, and water in this range would be considered very acidic. 14 is at the top end and would be considered very alkaline. The safest and ideal range is when your water is between 7.2 and 7.8.

Water above the recommended range (highly alkaline) can cause a number of problems.

  • scale – high pH will cause the minerals in water to fall out of suspension leaving behind a chalky or gritty residue on the surface of the tub. It will also cause any plastic or rubber components to break down.
  • cloudy water – when minerals fall out of suspension they become more visible in the water, hence cloudy water.

Water below the recommended range (highly acidic) can also cause a number of problems.

  • corrosion – acidic water will corrode or etch metal that it comes in contact with, such as the heater and other metal components.
  • health concerns – you will experience strong smells and skin and eye irritation when the water is highly acidic.

Your sanitizer will always work best when your pH is in the ideal range, especially if you are using chlorine. So, do yourself a favour and check your pH level regularly. Your tub and body will thank you!

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