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How to Deal With Hot Tub Scum Lines


Do you struggle with a ring of scum around the edges of your Hot Tub?

A ring of scum will appear around the edges of your hot tub from oils and other chemicals found on your body. When you get into a hot tub, these substances will wash off your body and end up in the water. Over time, it will build up and cause a ring to form around the tub.

First wipe down any existing scum line with a gentle cloth/sponge and Dazzle Surface Cleanse.  The next step is to float a ScumBug or HydroMop in the water to absorb excess oils. These products are available at Backyard Leisure in Lethbridge. With proper water care and cleaning of your filter media your hot tub water should always sparkle.

For additional water care tips, check out our Water Care FAQ page here.

For help in achieving beautiful sparkling water,  come in and see your Water Care Specialist at Backyard Leisure.