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Tips for Winterizing Your Hot Tub

This is the time of year where many begin making plans to escape the cold of winter for some place warm. In your planning, don’t forget that your hot tub needs to be cared for when you are away.  If you will be away for more than 3-4 days here are a few tips to keep in mind –

  • We highly recommend putting a holiday tender or floating dispenser in the water with chlorine or bromine discs to ensure your hot tub is clean, not green, when you get home.
  • Use some granular chlorine or bromine to spike the levels before you leave. Better to have it a little high than too low.
  • Check your pH and alkalinity levels and ensure they are in the correct range.
  • Rinse your filter.
  • Ensure your water level is topped up so that the pumps won’t develop an air leak or run dry.
  • Check to make sure your cover is seated properly and latched. Check for ice on the top edge of the tub that could leave a space for heat to escape.
  • Shortly after you arrive home, open the lid to let it breathe, check your levels and adjust accordingly.
  • Have a great vacation!

If you are planning to be away for an extended period of time, you can choose to shut down your tub for the time you’re gone. If you do, ensure that you follow the proper procedure for draining such as blowing out the lines. Improper winterizing can cause issues in your hot tub plumbing!  Avoid costly mistakes and talk to the experts at Backyard Leisure.

Fill out our online Service Request form or call/text Richard in our service department (403-327-7665) today to discuss proper winterizing techniques or to book your Hot Tub winterizing by our trained staff.

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