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Mineraluxe – crystal clean water!

“We cannot say enough about the product Mineraluxe.

We have been using the product for just over two years now.  Mineraluxe has been the best thing for us.  Our hot tub water used to look dirty no matter how much we tried to maintain it.  We tried both the chlorine and the bromine products prior to the Mineraluxe and we never seemed to have “clean” water.

As soon as we changed to Mineraluxe, our water has stayed crystal clean.  We don’t have the maintenance that we used to have with the other products.  We put one square and packet in once a week and ensure that there is chlorine tabs in the bobber and that is it for weekly maintenance.  We add Resist in every few weeks just to keep the alkalinity and pH balanced.

Mineraluxe has been amazing for us and we recommend it to anyone who has a hot tub.

Thank you again Backyard Leisure, for carrying such a fantastic product.” – Barry & Marilyn