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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Hot Tub Chemicals?

Hot Tub chemicalsWhen purchasing hot tub chemicals there may be a temptation to purchase them from a “Big Box” store. The main reason for this decision is often based on price and convenience. While it may be to your advantage to purchase toilet paper, laundry soap, or other household items at these stores, it’s not sthe best place to buy your hot tub chemicals.

Know this – Not all hot tub chemicals are created equal!

Here are a few basic reasons to buy your hot tub chemicals at a reputable hot tub store.

  • Hot tub chemicals on “Big Box” shelves are priced to attract customers. But in order to achieve a low price point, manufacturers will add fillers and binders to the product. As a result, the product has fewer active ingredients. So, you will need to add more of the cheaper alternative to achieve the same results thereby negating any cost savings. Product purchased at Backyard Leisure and other reputable hot tub stores are manufactured with high quality and pure ingredients without any fillers or binders.
  • The fillers and binders used in the “Big Box” products usually consist of animal fats. If you use these products you run the risk of:
    • developing an oily film at the water line or in the skimmer
    • clogging your filter
    • creating an excessive amount of foam
    • damaging the components of your hot tub to say nothing of what it might do to your skin

Hot tub chemicals purchased at Backyard Leisure are proven, reputable brands that have passed the test in many respects. There are no mysterious lower-grade ingredients added in order to bring down the price. Using these safe, effective and reliable products will ensure your tub won’t be damaged, your skin will be safe, and you will enjoy crystal clear water.

If you have questions about hot tub water care, call Backyard Leisure at 403-327-7665, and talk to one of our Water Care Specialists.

Many questions are also answered on our Water Care FAQ page on our website.

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