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What’s That Smell?

holding noseTired of sitting in your hot tub after a long hard day and wondering why it is so smelly?  The strong smell that is sometimes emitted from your hot tub is usually caused by one of two things –

  • Low Alkalinity/pH OR
  • Combined Chlorines (chloramines)

The Solution:
Test your water and adjust the levels of Alkalinity and pH as needed.  Always start with Alkalinity and then wait 24 hours before adjusting pH.
If that doesn’t solve the problem, it is probably chloramines.  When the chlorine in your tub joins with ammonia (left in the water from bather sweat) it creates a chloramine.  When this happens, the chlorine does not sanitize effectively.  You will need to shock the water to break apart the chloramines and purify the water.

Come in and ask your Water Care Specialist at Backyard Leisure for details on how to best prevent and treat stinky water!

Another great source of information is our Water Care FAQ

And if you use our test strips, have a look at some information for diagnosing hot tub problems for chlorine test strips and bromine test strips.